The Recruitment Puzzle


With enough hard work and dedication, one of the pieces of your college-selection puzzle may be the opportunity to contribute to a university’s baseball or softball program. The prospect of playing at this level is special – a minute percentage of players who put on a glove get the chance.

Rather than feeling intimidated or lost, let the staff of The Driven Academy help. Staff members have seen all angles of the process – recruited, recruiter, parent, coach – and will give you an honest assessment of how your educational, social and sport priorities can complement each other to aid your decision.  

 The Process

  1. Ownership: All of this begins with a conversation in which you, the player, announce your intent to play at the next level. Ownership is vital because you’re the one who will live the experience (not your parents, friends, or coaches).
  2. Consultation: A Driven Academy member of your choice will sit down with you and your parents to discuss all of the things you are weighing, as well as give you some other items to think about. This conversation will be very blunt and honest in regard to how your dream matches up with your reality.
  3. Touching Base: The Driven Academy will work with you to create your skills video and open conversations up with coaches who fit your plan. Once those contacts are created it is back in your hands, and ownership again takes precedence.
  4. Class Act: At this point you will be instructed on little things that make a big difference…
    1. How to recruit the school and/or how to handle the schools recruiting you
    2. How to compose a personal email to college coaches
    3. NCAA and NAIA rules regarding your direct contact
    4. How to get your high school, summer ball, and former coaches involved in the process
    5. The value of honesty: keeping coaches aware of your choices – when you’ve crossed a school off the list, or made a final commitment
  5. The Selection: Your moment wearing your school’s colors and signing that piece of paper.
    1. This is an important moment for you and your family, and also for The Driven Academy’s future college players. Your integrity in the handling of the recruiting process trickles down: you've set a strong example for those who look up to you while also leaving a positive impression on the schools involved in the process. You've not just walked through the door, you've left it wide open for others to follow.

 The best way to get on college radars is pretty simple: Be good. Be a good student, a good person, a good worker, a good player...that'll get you noticed.

Kate Drohan, Northwestern Wildcats


A Few Thoughts About Recruitment Videos:

There are two false, but prevalent, beliefs concerning recruiting videos. The first is that coaches sit around and watch recruit DVD’s, and the second is that they will only watch videos from high-priced recruitment services. The truth: coaches are incredibly busy, live by compliance rules, and are therefore always looking for the most efficient way to see talent.

Below are three recruiting video samples ("Pitching" is posted with permission from Kathy Young, White Sox Fastpitch Coordinator). Note the following...

  1. Succint: Seeing that a video will take no more than a few moments of their time prompts coaches to take a look. Snappy, crisp videos get looks before long DVD's or ten minute streaming video.
  2. Purposeful: Nobody is signed or has money thrown at them due solely to their video - this is an introduction of your skills to coaches.
  3. Specific: The combination of skills shown and camera angles used are key. A coach can see what they want to see from the best possible vantage point.
  4. Professionalism: Players are dressed appropriately, skilled, and giving great effort. Gratuitous music or over-the-top biographical information is not included.

Please call, email, or stop by for more information or to get started on your video.