Membership Options

Membership provides you 24x7 access to the facility to practice the skills you are learning. Membership is never required, but if you want even more repetitions - membership is the best way to get them. Members also enjoy great discounts on Driven services. We offer two kinds of Membership:
Academy Membership

Academy Membership

One Academy membership entitles your entire family to:
* 24x7 access to the Driven Academy facility
* 24x7 access to the Driven Power training center
* 20% discount on all Driven Acacdemy services
* 20% discount on all Driven Power services

Membership Pricing

  • Driven Academy Family Membership
  • $199
  • 3-Month Membership
  • Special Offer
  • Driven Academy Family Membership
  • $799
  • Annual Membership
  • Now till Sept 30: Back to School Special $699 when Paid in Full
  • Driven Academy Family Membership
  • $79
  • Per Month
  • 12-Month Commitment

Ready to Work?

Please call us at (402) 464-0100, or send an email to, to purchase a membership.
Need help…?
Not sure about online booking or which coach is right for you? Make the call. We're here to help.

Membership FAQ's

  • What does membership include?
    We offer two types of membership: Academy memberships - which include access to the entire facility; cages & workout equipment, and Driven Power memberships - which include access to the workout equipment only.
  • Who does membership cover?
    Your membership covers you and all members of your immediate family (spouse and children).
  • Can I bring a guest?
    All members receive two complementary guest passes with their membership. Please have your guest fill out the pass completely and leave it in the drop box by the main entrance. Additional guest passes are available for purchase at the front desk during retail hours. Additional complementary passes may be available for guests who are new to Driven.
  • Can I bring a private coach?
    No; this one is sometimes a little harder to explain, but think of it like bringing your own chef to a restaurant. Our coaching methodology is our most prized intellectual property and we want to ensure all coaching at Driven meets our standards. That said, if you know an awesome coach that is not part of our staff – please introduce us! Maybe they should be the next addition to our team.
  • What hours can I come?
    With the exception of a few special events each year, your membership entitles you to 24x7x365 access to the facility.
  • What are the member discounts?
    Your membership entitles your family to a 20% discount on all instructional services performed, as well as any services booked and pre-paid, during your membership. Instructional services include all personal lessons, group lessons, and Driven Power sessions. Your membership also includes discounts on individual cage rentals and select clinics, special events, and extra services. Member discounts do not apply to retail items or group cage rentals.
  • How can I use a cage?
    As a member, you are entitled to use any available cage / pitching lane on a first come / first serve basis at no cost. An available cage is any cage that is not reserved by an individual (e.g. lesson) or team, or not already in use by another member. If you wish to reserve a cage(s) at a specific time, then normal cage rental rates and any seasonal restrictions would apply.
  • How can I use the workout equipment?
    As a member, you are entitled to use the Driven Power equipment on a first come / first serve basis at no cost. We do not currently allow Driven Power reservations without scheduling a trainer.

Driven FAQ's

  • Is my satisfaction guaranteed?
    Absolutely! If you do not feel your lesson was taught by a qualified instructor who was focused on your needs; we'll refund the price of the lesson.
  • What is the Driven methodology?
    Our coaches have an image of the ideal pitch \ throw \ swing \ etc in their mind. Their task working with your athlete is to take their technique from where it is today and systematically reshape it to match that ideal model. Sometimes a simple adjustment can make a huge difference, but often it is a process that happens over a series of lessons where we might have to adjust the footwork - before we can fix the hand position. Through the guidance of our Directors, who both have a Masters degree in Educational Psychology, our coaches know that players only retain a small portion of what they hear, more of what they see, and the most from what they feel. This is why we use a progression of discussion, demonstration, drills-at-Driven, and drills-for-home that focus on a specific aspect of the motion and systematically build their retention.
  • What guest ammenities are available?
    You are more than welcome to watch your player's lesson from the cage area, or relax in our comfy waiting area complete with DirectTV, Free Wi-Fi, and air-conditioning / heat.
  • What are the membership terms & conditions?
    Membership Terms & Conditions: Valid you and your immediate family (spouse and children). Payment due in advance. Term is 3 or 12 months from purchase per your paid in full pricing option, or 6 months for the paid monthly pricing option. Non-Transferable / Non-Refundable. Paid in Full renewals are manual. Paid Monthly Renewals, are automatic; cancellation of a paid monthly membership is by written request or in-person notice at least 15-days prior to the next payment draft. Terms & Conditions are subject to change.