COVID-19 Status: UPDATE 12/7/2020 Current Policy Here


December Update

The Driven Academy is still operating as a gym and for individual lessons, with all reasonable precautions and directed health measures --- such as masks, social distancing, hand washing and limiting overall capacity to 50.  Driven is not currently allowing for any team practices or activities -- or any groups of 10 or more participants.    





City of Lincoln Revised Health Measures

Starting Monday, July 20th, Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird has called for revised health measures for the City of Lincoln that require masks in all indoor spaces. There are some exceptions for persons who are exercising and places that can effectively maintain at least 6' social distancing. Based on our understanding of these new directives, The Driven Academy is making the following additions to our COVID response policy. All Driven customers, affiliates and staff:

  • Shall wear a mask in the front office / lobby areas at all times that two or more non-related family members are present
  • Shall maintain at least a 6' social distance in the Field House and Driven Power gym area at all times possible. If the 6' minimum distance is maintained, then masks are optional.
  • If the distance between two non-related family members needs to be less than 6':
    • Driven staff and affiliates are required to wear a mask
    • Athletes are strongly encouraged to wear a mask - but not required - as they would qualify for the "exercise" exemption per the City's resolution.
    • However, if the athlete is not wearing a mask and the Driven staff / affiliate member is not comfortable approaching an athlete without a mask - then we reserve their right to coach from at least a 6' distance.

A few examples that we believe will help clarify how these guideline should work. Imagine a hitting lesson:

  • On arriving at Driven, please wear a mask into the facility.
  • Please leave your mask on as you check-in / settle payment (as applicable) with the front desk
  • Moving into the Field house, the athlete may remove their mask if they are able to maintain the 6' social distancing guideline. (Parents observing the lesson may also remove their mask if they can maintain the appropriate distance as well)
  • The lesson includes hitting balls from batting tee... As this would normally involve that coach and player being less than 6' apart, the Driven coach will ask that you place your own ball on the tee for each repetition - so that they may observe / instruct from 6'+
  • If the coach needs to adjust an elbow / foot / etc - the coach will ask if it is okay to come closer and put on their mask if permission is granted.
  • Please put your mask back on as you exit through the lobby following your lesson.

We will continue to self-enforce a 50 person maximum in the facility and still encourage healthy behaviors such as hand washing, online payments, and staying home if you have any concern about possible symptoms or exposure. If you have any questions or concerns, please bring them to our attention. We thank you all again for working together to help keep everyone as safe as possible and helping Driven continue to keep the doors open through these trying times for some much needed stress relief!


Full city resolutions is available here:



Phase II Update

Per the new directed health measures of the State of Nebraska, and confirmed by the City of Lincoln today, The Driven Academy can now allow up to a maximum of 50 people in the facility at a time.

This is not a reason to stop washing hands or to stop observing appropriate social distancing, to the contrary - spacing and hygiene are probably even more important as we see more foot traffic - but the new provisions at least allow us to take advantage of the big open space we have to help you burn off some of that cooped up energy! :)

Thank you so much to everyone for observing the tighter restrictions these past few months.



Youth Baseball and Softball Guidelines

A couple weeks ago, Governor Ricketts announced guidance to allow youth baseball and softball practices to start on June 1 --- and games on June 18. As excited as we are to see some return of the sport we love, we love our clients even more! We want you to be safe and provide a quick reminder on a couple guidelines we continue to follow:

  • Between now and June 1, we are still limited to a maximum of 10 people in the facility at a time. Priority is given to lessons. Members will be first come / first serve.
  • Please wash your hands before and after entering / leaving the facility.
  • Please continue to observe appropriate social distancing within the facility.
  • No team practices are allowed in Driven at this time.

Governor Ricketts also announced his intention to move Nebraska’s COVID-19 reopening plan to Phase II on June 1. That means facilities like Driven should be allowed to have up to at least 25 customers in the facility, but remember -- this does not go into effect until June 1 – and we are still waiting for official confirmation from Mayor Baird / the City of Lincoln that we are allowed to follow the Governor’s plan. It is also important to note the initial data seems to indicate that indoor team practices may still not be allowed.

PLEASE NOTE: We have restocked our supply of baseballs and softballs in the facility. However, we do not have an effective way to sanitize them. Fortunately, our understanding of COVID-19 suggests it is much harder to contract through surface contact (it is far more infectious through airborne transmission) – but not impossible. Thus we cannot stress enough the importance of hand washing before entering / after existing the facility. For more protection, you could consider wearing gloves or even bringing your own supply of balls if you do not wish to use the house supply.



BYOB = Bring Your Own Bucket-o-Balls

This is an important update for Driven Academy Members...

We are encouraging all members to bring their own baseballs / softballs until further notice.

The logic behind this decision is first and foremost about safety. It is our understanding that a large part of why the COVID-19 virus is so contagious is due to its' ability to persist on hard surfaces. We are wiping down the countertops, door handles, weight room, etc. as diligently as we can, but we are finding it nearly impossible to clean the baseballs and softballs that circulate so freely about the facility.

The other contributing factor in this decision, that is perhaps even more frustrating to report, is a theft. Sadly, someone stole approximately 10-12 dozen baseballs from the facility. We will not replace those until after we are back to operating with a full staff. We would be extremely grateful if anyone has any information about the missing baseballs.

Thank you for being Driven!


An Important Update for our Driven Family:

A sincere thank you to all our clients and staff for your continued patience and extra assistance in helping us keep Driven as safe as possible through the gambit of unusual circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic!

The Driven Academy / Driven Power are still open. But in keeping with Mayor Baird's ordinance, we need to limit occupancy to a maximum of 10 people in the facility at a time. To stay compliant with this requirement, we are enacting the following changes until further notice:

  • All Driven Academy baseball / softball lessons will be one-on-one. We will not be offering any group lessons or classes at this time.
  • All Driven Power personal training and classes will be suspended until further notice.
  • We are asking parents to drop off athletes and stay in the car or return at the conclusion of the lesson.
  • We will offer a maximum of 4 concurrent lessons in the facility at one time.
  • We are strongly encouraging parents to schedule and pay for lessons online, so that we can reduce sharing contact through cash and credit transactions.

For members, we are also asking your assistance when using the facility as follows:

  • Please comply with staff instructions; we hate to turn anyone away --- but if we have more 10 people in the facility, staff will ask you to leave and return when there are fewer people in the facility.
    Please self-comply when staff are not present; if you see 10 people already in the facility - please wait in your car until you see others leave -- or return at another time. Please note, when staff are not present, we will be monitoring capacity via video surveillance.
  • We know these additional restrictions may cause some frustration and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience. We are so blessed to operate in Nebraska where we are continually impressed by the mutual respectful shown between fellow members. Together we will make it through this thing! We cannot wait to get everyone back on the diamond and playing the sports we love!

Thank you for being Driven!


Here at Driven, we constantly exhort how a series of tiny adjustments can add up to make a big impact in a player's performance. Today, we face an item that is physically so tiny it requires a microscope to see -- but has already added up to make an impact on a global scale in the COVID-19 virus.
It is our intention to keep Driven Academy / Driven Power open to our members and to continue to provide lessons / athletic training as long as possible. That said, we want to reassure you that the safety and the well-being of our clients is our number one priority. A few items that we are doing to keep Driven as safe as possible include:
  • We are continuously monitoring the COVID-19 situation. At any point, if we do not feel it is reasonable to continue operations - we will provide additional information at that time.
  • We are doubling down on cleaning surfaces commonly touched by hands - wiping down counters / equipment / door handles / etc.
  • We are providing hand sanitizer at the main counter and encouraging all employees to be vigilante about hand washing
  • We are temporarily suspending all late cancellation fees. If you are feeling ill, we are happy to reschedule you when you are feeling better. Likewise, if this outbreak continues for an extended period and you have any lessons or multipacks that would expire, we will grant extensions.
  • In the event one or more of our coaches are unable to make a lesson for health concerns, we will be happy to reschedule you with another coach or wait until your primary coach is ready to return.
 We would also ask your assistance in keeping Driven safe by:
  • Staying home if you feel ill
  • Washing your own hands as you come in (an especially good reminder for our younger athletes)
  • Wiping down Driven Power equipment after use.
 Thank you for being Driven!